Build Europe Holds Succesfull Meeting with Bulgarian Member of the European Parliament Radan Kanev

On 20 March 2024, Federico Nahuel Lazzari, Secretary-General of Build Europe, met with the Radan Kanev, Bulgarian Member of the European Parliament (MEP) and key Member of the Urban Intergroup.

The meeting provided Build Europe, also representing the Bulgarian Construction Chamber and GBS, with the opportunity to share with MEP Kanev the issues affecting the residential and construction sectors in the EU and in Bulgaria. In particular, Mr Lazzari highlighted how lack of buildable land, construction costs rising because of inflation but also new technical regulations, and high taxation had caused a decrease in housing production, which resulted in insufficient supply. Mr Lazzari also presented the Manifesto of Build Europe on housing affordability.

MEP Kanev expressed his appreciation for the analysis and solutions proposed by Build Europe, and stated that, in the next term, it will be crucial for European institutions to focus on ensuring access to decent housing for all European citizens, and stressed the critical importance of European institutions advising Member States to reduce taxes, such as VAT on new constructions and on operations involving demolition and rebuilding.

In the coming weeks, following the successful meetings with the head of the main European parties, Build Europe will finalise its efforts aimed at shaping the political agenda of the main EU political groups.