Stroitel Newspaper and Build Europe launch a joint column

Stroitel Newspaper and Build Europe - the organization representing the national federations of entrepreneurs and home builders in the low union, have launched a joint column. The column will present the housing sector in Bulgaria and Europe, as well as topics important to the construction industry. This was agreed at a working meeting between Build Europe Executive Secretary Federico Nahuel Lazzari and the procurator and editor-in-chief of the publication Reneta Nikolova.

"I am very happy for the opportunity, together with Stroitel, to start a common column that will reach 100% of the construction companies in Bulgaria, as well as to all central and local authorities related to the sectors, and especially important - to the Bulgarian representatives in the Parliament (EP)", stated Federico Lazzar.

It has been announced that the column will be launched before the elections for the European Parliament. And in the coming months from the page of the newspaper all interested parties, as well as the Bulgarian candidates for the European Parliamentwill be able to inform themselves about the current state of the housing sector in Bulgaria and in Europe. “We will share our manifesto with the readers of the publication. Together we will raise the topic of housing affordability and the need for it to be part of the political agenda for the next season of the European Parliament. I hope we will be able to convince the answers how important it is to have affordable homes," said Lazzari.

"I think it will be important to inform the builders and entrepreneurs in Bulgaria that their voice will be heard. Through the joint column with Stroitel, we will not only keep informed about what happened on the housing market in Europe, but we will also make sure that they are actively involved in the discussion and support the search for solutions," said Lazzari.

"I want to congratulate the management and the team of Stroitel, as well as the management of BCC, appreciates the importance and the next topical issues for the construction sector and at the European level," emphasized Lazzari.

"I am delighted that Stroitel Newspaper and Build Europe are launching this new joint column. I think the moment is also appropriately chosen. The future of construction, housing policy, energy efficiency of buildings, along with innovation, new technologies and materials and digitization are among the important topics that we expect to be included in the main policies of the new European Parliament, because they are related to the future of all of us as European citizens. , shared Reneta Nikolova. "I thank Build Europe for the good partnership we have so far, and I hope that with the new rubric we will develop it and make it even more useful for construction companies and investors," said Nikolova.